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Staff Augmentation

We pride ourselves that our staff is made up of Senior Level engineers and developers with ample experience in their chosen discipline. Our staff retention rate is an industry leading 90% and beyond them being experienced, loyal and mature, every TeraCode worker is also proficient in English, and works in your time zone.

Why Clients Like Working With Us

Our unrivalled 90%+ retention rate – for over seven years running – means our clients spend far less time, money and effort on knowledge transfer. TeraCode’s extraordinarily high retention rate is a product of how hard we work to keep our experienced staff feeling rewarded, engaged, and respected.

We also match each TeraCode engineer and developer with the right project and the right client for their skills, personality and goals. So no matter how long your development project lasts, your excellent TeraCode team will, too. This approach makes for a more successful, lasting relationship, and delivers more successful results.

With a 90%+ Retention Rate, Nothing Is Temporary
About Your TeraCode Team

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Our team speaks English, which translates into time and cost savings for you.

Our team speaks English, which translates into time and cost savings for you.

On any project, but especially on a complex one, anything lost in translation can have costly consequences, including miscommunications that lead to delays, or worse.

But TeraCode developers not only write your code, they also speak your language. In fact, English proficiency is one of the key priorities we have always required of our workers.

Less than 12% of candidates make it through our rigid recruiting process.

Less than 12% of candidates make it through our rigid recruiting process.

Our 4-Step Recruiting Process screens out almost nine out of every ten candidates. A centerpiece of this process is our rigorous two-hour long technical interview, conducted to assure that the candidate truly is versed in the discipline.

Just as important, we make sure the worker we provide has the personality and approach that aligns with a company’s culture. It’s further evidence of how careful we are to provide a team that will remain intact and productive.

Our time zone aligns with yours. Imagine the difference this can make.

Our time zone aligns with yours. Imagine the difference this can make.

Why should you wait a day for a coding change that you need right now? Or constantly juggle meetings and demos to accommodate workers located in an inconvenient time zone?

This won’t happen with TeraCode because our Argentinian team lives in your time zone, so projects have a far better chance to proceed like clockwork.

Your Project Deserves To Have the Best Team
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Because each TeraCode team is comprised primarily of Senior Level engineers and developers, it is deeply experienced in wide array of technologies, including:

  • Java/C#/Python
  • React/Angular/UX
  • DevOps (AWS/Azure)
  • QA Automation
  • Data Engineering
  • Scrum Masters

So no matter what your development needs are, our team will be experienced in how to deliver them. We even pay for our workers to learn new skills, and enhance the ones they have. This is another reason why our retention rate remains so high, and our clients are so satisfied.

No One Knows Us Better Than Our Clients

The Data Discovery work that TeraCode delivered for John F Hunt has enabled us to develop an evidence based water treatment strategy for one of our sites under management. We look forward to working with TeraCode on future projects to help us add value for the benefit of our clients and the environment.

Simon Skentelbery

General Manager at John F. Hunt Regeneration Ltd

TeraCode developed our IoT platform from the ground up. From ideation to architecture to actual deployment, they made our connected washroom solution a reality. We couldn't have done it without them.

Michael Dunn

EVP of Marketing and Innovation (Retired) at Georgia Pacific

How TeraCode Augments Your Success

  • Our 90% staff retention rate means your team stays in place throughout your project
  • Our workers speak English and are based in the EST time zone
  • We provide you with high performing Senior Level developers
  • We provide staff rapidly, to meet your needs
  • Our aggressive rates keep your costs down
  • We have a laser focus on quality and timely delivery
  • We support multiple technologies
  • We are flexible, scaling your team as needed

TeraCode Staff Augmentation
We Augment Success

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