IoT Products

IoT Products

Ready-To-Use And Easy To Customize

TeraCode has created tools and apps to get you started today and can help you customize these solutions as needed.

Screenshot of ReportThing dashboard


ReportThing is a ready-to-use reporting solution that connects with your ThingWorx or AWS IoT platform to provide you with high-quality, easily customized, and exportable reports. Whether you’re looking for specific reports on how one individual device are performing or you want a view across your fleet, ReportThing provides you with the one tool you need to see what’s going on. Advanced features let you schedule reports and email them to stakeholders, customize the UI to let your clients login directly and manage your users.

Screenshot of AppThing dashboard


AppThing is a ready-to-use platform that allows you to deploy tracking, telemetry and asset management applications for you or your customers to use. AppThing connects to your AWS IoT, ThingWorx, M2X or BlueMix platform. From there you login to control what data you want to see and manage in your app. You also customize the UI by uploading your logo and color scheme. AppThing comes with built-in tools for managing devices, setting geo-fences, a rules engine to trigger alerts, user management and a full reporting solution.

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