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IOT Staff Augmentation

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IOT Staff Augmentation

IoT Enabled Medical Devices

Connected medical devices are changing surgeries and treatment options -
Our predictive analytics guarantee your devices stay up and running

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IoT Enabled Medical Devices

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Expand Your Development Team
IoT Evolution - Product of the Year 2021

TeraCode Has Been Awarded IoT Evolution - Product of the Year 2021

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Expand Your Team

Sometimes you just need some extra hands and finding experienced IoT developers can be a challenge. Our staff augmentation service gives you the ability to flex your team’s size by integrating resources on-demand for limited engagements. We have helped many companies fully staff teams to meet their development needs. We will help you stay on schedule and even save you money in the process.

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Woman designing IoT services strategy

IoT End-to-End Services

IoT involves many technical disciplines making it more complex to implement successfully. TeraCode makes it easy for clients by providing expertise in every area of IoT. From IoT strategy, to connectivity expertise, to building applications and using AI/machine learning algorithms to identify new opportunities to improve your business – TeraCode is your single solution for all of your IoT needs.

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IoT Out-of-the-Box

When you need IoT implemented quickly, without too much customization and economically, TeraCode offers you AppThing – an “out-of-the-box” IoT solution that will have your IoT initiative up and running in a matter of hours. We provide you with sensors, gateways and ready-to-use applications in the Cloud so you can connect your devices quickly, make data collection easy and access your data in real-time.

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Turn Data Into Opportunity

Turn Data Into Opportunity

When you have data, you have the keys to unlocking new opportunities to grow your business and differentiate yourself. TeraCode helps you implement AI & Machine Learning models to predict needed maintenance and prevent downtime, improve product quality, automatically re-order inventory, optimize logistics, track assets, reduce labor expenses and enhance processes. Our data scientists consistently deliver models that drive positive business outcomes.

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TeraCode Has Connected Millions Of Devices To The IoT…

We Make IoT Easy, Fast And Cost Effective. What Can We Help You Connect?

Surgical Devices Surgical Devices
Heat & Water Pumps Heat & Water Pumps
Residential Boilers Residential Boilers
Commercial Boilers Commercial Boilers
Washroom Dispensers Washroom Dispensers
Air Quality Systems Air Quality Systems
HVAC Equipment HVAC Equipment
Refrigerator Units & Coolers Refrigerator Units & Coolers
Vehicles & Rail Cars Vehicles & Rail Cars
Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
Inventory & Supply Rooms Inventory & Supply Rooms
Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturing Equipment

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Make Your IoT Project A Success

A successful IoT initiative starts with the right strategy. IoT needs to be based on strong value propositions, valuable data collection, and benefits to both your business and your customers. We always start with that strong foundation and use it to help us build the most efficient and cost-effective IoT solution. In some cases, we develop specific solutions custom for your needs. When we can, we use our IoT Platform to save you time and money. No matter what direction we go, our goal is to help you be successful with IoT. That means we stay technology agnostic and focused on what you need. We make IoT easy for you.

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