Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation Services

Leverage Outsourcing While Minimizing The Risk

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As a result of the global pandemic many businesses are accelerating their plans for digital transformation to provide better and more efficient service to their customers, suppliers and employees. In turn this has resulted in a significant increase in demand for skilled technology workers and is putting pressure on already strained IT departments, project timelines and budgets. It’s no surprise many businesses are turning to near shoring and outsourcing as a way to fill the demand for technology workers.

However, outsourcing is not without its downside and risks. Aside from language barriers and time zone challenges, other factors need to be considered before embarking on an outsourcing path.

Lack of Control

Setting up outsourced teams can be time consuming and, whilst your net headcount remains the same, rescinding direct control and passing delivery assurance outside your company’s walls can impact your ability to course-correct should project needs change.

Lack of Alignment

No matter how precise and clear the brief, a culturally unfamiliar, geographically dislocated team may oversee projects and run processes that risk scope creep, missed deadlines and in extremis, produce outcomes that don’t match expectations.

Outsourcing Done Right Saves Time, Money And Delivers Results

Outsourcing With An Experienced Company Reduces Risk

References and past success offer the most insight into how likely an outsource provider will be able to deliver. Case studies offer a view into the work the provider has done and how they can help your business.

Consider the outsource providers employee retention rate. High turnover suggests instability while low turnover means that the time you spend training and on-boarding resources will be well spent.

Understand your responsibilities in the relationship. Can you be totally “hands-off” or will you need to actively manage the team? The best outsource providers will be very flexible and offer you a range of options. If you don’t have experience outsourcing and you have to manage your team on your own, it likely won’t go well. You want a partner who will support you every step of the way.

Finally, assess the economics of outsourcing vs. the talent you are getting. The lowest price isn’t always the best option. Seek out not just experienced outsourcing providers, but outsourcing providers that have experienced staff. No matter what the price – a junior developer will not be as valuable to you as one with five or more years of experience.

TeraCode has spent more than 15 years providing outsourcing solutions to businesses with a greater than 90% retention rate of its staff, exceptional quality and competitive rates. Below are three examples that showcase our approach.

Panera Needed A Kiosk App

Panera Kiosk AppWhen Panera Bread wanted to solve the challenge of the lunch time rush and make it easier for people to order food and get it served quickly they turned to TeraCode to provide the resources needed to develop a first of its kind solution.

TeraCode helped Panera conceive, design and develop the first iPad based kiosk for ordering. In addition to designing and developing the app to run on the newly released iPad, TeraCode was on-hand to integrate the app with Panera’s backend systems to ensure orders were correctly processed.

TeraCode deployed a cross-functional team to meet Panera’s needs. From design and architecture, to project management and development, TeraCode staffed an entire team to meet an aggressive timeline under tight budget constraints. Not only was the app revolutionary, but the cost of deploying iPads was much less expensive than traditional kiosks allowing Panera to put 4-5 in each location, creating more ordering stations during the busy lunch rush.

By understanding the Panera’s desired outcome, TeraCode was able to reduce cost, shorten the development time cycle and enable four times as many devices to run within each of the existing locations. This approach, not only optimised Panera’s overall operational efficiency, but also improved the end-user experience beyond expectations.

Bose Wanted A Platform For Data Science

For Bose, outsourcing is a critical component of their development organization and is based trust, collaboration and outcomes. When the Chief Data Architect at Bose had a critical initiative to develop a new platform that collected data from their cloud-based products, they turned to TeraCode to provide them with a team of skilled and experienced resources who could rapidly deliver a first generation solution for real-world testing.

One of the most important challenges TeraCode solved for Bose was to provide programmers with GOLang skills, the chosen language for the project. Not only was TeraCode able to fully staff a team of GO developers in about a month, the technical leader was so advanced in his GO skills, he was able to solve architecture problems and lead the project forward for Bose at a faster pace than expected.

The initial development not only exceeded Bose’s expectations, but led to the completion of further innovative projects by TeraCode as their now trusted partner.

Sourcing the right creative mix to solve complex problems supports your innovation aims and pays dividends, often beyond initial project completion.

Novartis Wanted To Accelerate FDA Submissions

Novartis has relied on TeraCode for over 10 years to provide programmers, developers and devops support for one of its major internal IT projects – the standardization of FDA documentation across the company. TeraCode has offered Novaris flexibility to scale the team up and down and up again as needed depending upon the organizations needs.

TeraCode helps Novartis manage the team, the costs and operational efficiency.

As a result, TeraCode is an integral part of the business providing Novartis with stability, long-term institutional knowledge and significant cost savings. TeraCode’s team leader has been on the project since its inception and is considered the expert on the platform within Novartis. By keeping the team in place and highly motivated, TeraCode has made outsourcing a natural extension of the team for Novartis.

The Choice Is Yours

Every business, regardless of size or industry, needs to embrace digital transformation without taking on excessive cost or risk.

Finding skills resources is hard, time consuming and doesn’t guarantee the outcome you want.

TeraCode can help. We are able to provide you with the staff you need, meeting your timelines and budget – the net result is a higher probability of meeting your objectives successfully. Choose TeraCode and accelerate your digital transformation at a lower cost with less risk.

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