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Miura has grown to become the largest industrial boiler manufacturer in the world. Efficiency, reliability, and safety are at the forefront of their design philosophy and manufacturing principles. Miura manufactures industry-leading, modular steam boilers that offer compact footprints, fast response, low emissions, and unparalleled safety for the workplace.


Miura stood at the forefront of technological innovation and developed a remote monitoring solution that connected steam boilers using phone lines over 30 years ago. As technologies changed and Miura America developed into a complete steam solutions partner, a shift to a next generation, cloud based, customer accessible platform able to connect all types of industrial equipment was needed.


Miura sought the expertise of TeraCode to create an IoT-based monitoring system. TeraCode’s solution involved creating the hardware infrastructure to modernize the communication protocols and creating a web-based portal to offer remote monitoring with a real-time view of connected equipment in the boiler room. The system is used by Miura’s customers, technicians, and representatives to track system health, generate scheduled reports and provide proactive maintenance schedules.


  • Real-time remote monitoring of industrial steam equipment
  • Increased operational uptime
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Proactive / Predictive maintenance

TeraCode Services

  • AWS setup and configuration
  • Hardware selection
  • IoT architecture and connectivity
  • Firmware development
  • Web/Mobile application development

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