IoT – Automated Analytics for Governmental River Restoration Scheme

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A huge clean-up programme is underway to ensure safe water for people living in the basin of this major river. The government needed evidence-based analytics on the most effective depollution solutions. Collecting and interpreting river data was manual, time consuming and inaccurate.


TeraCode designed an automated analytics system that leverages historic and real-time river quality data, incorporating weather data, industrial activity, demographics, and satellite imagery to forecast the efficacy of de-pollution solutions.


TeraCode deployed the RiverSmarts platform for quick commissioning and real-time reporting. Using computer vision and applying machine learning, the system delivers insights on river health via an interactive dashboard.


The RiverSmarts platform helps stakeholders predict water supply & demand, understand sources of pollutants, and forecast the ‘what-if’ impact of clean-up interventions on communities, ecosystems, biodiversity, and tourism.

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