This is how we’ve helped some of our clients unleash theirs

  • Sanofi

    Delivered a full stack team to develop and support an enterprise SaaS platform for managing medical devices.

  • Bose

    Our team of Data Scientists and Data engineers drive their AI platform expansion efforts.

  • Johnson & Johnson

    Developing an enterprise SaaS platform to manage AI & ML data analysis on surgical devices.

  • Evolv

    Utilizing backend and frontend developers to drive software development product roadmap.

  • Sonifi

    Deployed several teams to support product roadmap delivery.

  • Novartis

    Deployed eight project teams to drive platform development projects.

  • Medtronic

    Deployed a team of 30 developers in less than 30 days to transition an on-premise medical device application to a cloud based architecture.

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  • Smith+Nephew
  • Citibank
  • Barclays
  • Applause
  • AT&T
  • Sanofi
  • Bose
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • iRobot
  • Kadant
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Sonifi
  • Carrier
  • Verizon
  • Guntner
  • Emerson
  • Panera Bread
  • John F Hunt
  • RVT Group
  • TOTO
  • The Coal Authority
  • Evolv
  • US Boiler Company
  • Carel
  • Novartis
  • UKG
  • Miura

Do more, faster with less friction

We provide skilled individuals with domain expertise to meet your objectives.

Our Staff Augmentation service delivers an ideal balance between outsourcing and direct recruitment. We deploy engineers with the right skills and experience for your project, you get the work done effectively and efficiently without the downsides of hiring and managing people yourself.

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TeraCode build high performing teams

We’ve got your tech stack fully covered

We are proud to be an AWS Select Tier Services partner

TeraCode is proud to be an AWS Partner. We prioritize a straightforward and customized strategy to meet the distinctive challenges faced by our clients. Our comprehensive solutions are crafted to empower businesses to operate more efficiently, cut expenses, boost revenue, and secure swift achievements. Our proficiency covers a broad spectrum of industries, and we are recognized for engaging highly skilled professionals to guarantee the success of our projects.

AWS Partner - Select Tier Services

Next-Level Solutions

Our transformative solutions empower you to do more, faster with less friction. Dedicated teams provide a range of services, from IoT integration to Data Science, AI, and custom software development, ensuring your business thrives in the digital age. Discover our holistic approach to unleash your digital.

  1. 1 End to End IoT

    Harness the power of IoT with our comprehensive services—from strategy to deployment—designed for secure, scalable solutions that drive business innovation and growth.

    Maximizing business value with comprehensive IoT services

    Unleash your digital potential by leveraging the transformative capabilities of IoT technology. Our End-to-End IoT services don't just connect devices – we craft innovative business models and value propositions for maximum returns. From strategy and design, through to deployment, we ensure secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. By integrating AI and machine learning models to gain greater insights, we propel your business forward.

  2. 2 Staff Augmentation

    Optimize your development teams with Staff Augmentation; access expert talent across fields, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for project success and scalability.

    Strategic Staff Augmentation for project success

    Supercharge your projects with our Staff Augmentation service – a strategic partnership delivering top-tier talent without recruitment costs, talent retention headaches, or management overheads. Scale effortlessly and meet evolving demands with ease. Access our extensive team of experts, from Data Scientists to DevOps specialists, all meticulously vetted for their technical skills and experience. Accelerate time-to-market and ensure success with our Agile methodologies and enviable retention rates (90% over 8 years). Expect the sustained excellence and collaborative commitment your projects deserve.

  3. 3 Cloud and Dev Ops Management

    Elevate your business with our Cloud and DevOps Management services, ensuring scalable, cost-effective, and automated cloud solutions for a smooth digital transition.

    Optimizing cloud infrastructure with expert DevOps management

    Accelerate your growth with our Cloud and DevOps Management services, crafted to streamline and automate your cloud infrastructure for seamless digital transformation. Skilled architects develop scalable, agile solutions for platforms like AWS and Azure, optimizing configuration, management, and monitoring. We empower machine learning initiatives with secure environments, focusing on cost-effectiveness, automated services, and superior user experiences.

  4. 4 Data Science

    Empower your business with tailored Data Science solutions using AI and machine learning to enhance efficiency, cut costs, and drive growth.

    Transforming data into success with advanced Data Science solutions

    Energize your business by turning data into outcomes. Our expert Data Science team use advanced AI and machine learning tools to give you a competitive edge. We tailor solutions to meet the objectives of your organization by customizing algorithms to drive operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. We are dedicated to making data work for you. We give you the tools to achieve sustainable growth, optimize performance, and enjoy robust returns.

  5. 5 Software and Application Development

    Realize your digital vision with our 20 years of custom software expertise for on-time, budget-friendly delivery that propels your business forward.

    Realizing your digital vision with strategic Software Development

    Transform your digital vison into a business advantage. We put our two decades of custom software and application development proficiency to work for you, immersing ourselves in your business for seamless project execution, from concept to launch. Our multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers, engineers, and developers will ensure on-time, in-budget delivery that exceeds expectations. With our dedicated experts by your side, you can have confidence in achieving your digital goals.

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