IoT is transforming industries by connecting devices and their data to you.  Almost every business or service can be improved, enhanced or made more efficient by IoT. Developing an IoT strategy goes far beyond just figuring out how to connect your devices and machines - it's new business models, new revenue opportunities, new value propositions that have to be defined in order for you to realize the full potential of IoT.  TeraCode has helped many companies go beyond "connecting" to reach new paradigms and new levels of success with IoT.  TeraCode often helps clients recognize IoT benefits they have yet to consider.  


IoT architecture is more complex that traditional software design and requires expertise in various IoT technologies including chip manufacturers, sensors,  connectivity technologies, application design, data integration and remote services.  On top of that, the architecture must support the enormous load and scale of many IoT initiatives. TeraCode specializes in designing IoT architectures that can meet your needs today and be flexible enough  to adapt to the changing landscape.  From using tiered layers of architecture and RESTful API's, TeraCode can connect the different parts of your architecture to create a fully integrated solution. 


BuildSmart is TeraCode's highly effective proprietary workshop for rapidly capturing requirements to get your project moving quickly.  We lead your team through ideation and discovery to identify opportunities and translate those into architecture diagrams, wireframes, mock-ups and use cases we can discuss, test and iterate on.  We can also help you develop value propositions and business models to help validate your IoT initiative. The BuildSmart workshop typically takes 1-2 days up front with several additional sessions over the course of 3-4 weeks to complete.

Developing apps for IoT requires a unique set of skills and know-how that our team of experts has exacted over the years. We're skilled in managing messages, priorities, alerts and other conditions that require complex workflow to kick off, not to mention dealing with the terabytes of data generated by your devices. In order to be good at what we do, we have mastered working with leading tools such as ThingWorx, AWS IoT, BlueMix, M2X and others.  We've even developed AppThing and ReportThing - our own customizable tools you can use to get started with IoT applications in minutes.



Today, most of our clients deploy in the Cloud, and we help them provision their Cloud environment and get their application launched. Our Cloud architects can design a cost-effective hosting model that can grow with your demands. We can also monitor and support your Cloud environment going forward.  

We remain close by once your application project is complete. We can provide iterative development support, maintenance, and project-based initiatives at your request. We can size a team or project to fit your schedule and budget.  Just ask.