Industries We Work With

TeraCode has experience working with a variety of industries. Every company, in every industry can leverage new technologies to digitally transform their business.  TeraCode doesn't focus on a few verticals because we know that we can use the same technologies across these verticals to achieve profound business changes. The key factor is understanding what you want to accomplish, what assets you can leverage and turning that into business requirements that drive your IoT needs - all of this leads us to the solutions you bring to market.



The Global Healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges, especially in the areas of cost and margin pressures, care delivery, lack of robust discovery pipelines, product recalls, increasing regulations, and the cost of research and development. These challenges also bring with them significant opportunities which can be explored and leveraged with an IoT enabled ecosystem.

The healthcare and life sciences landscape today is being reshaped by the Internet of Things (IoT) - connected devices are finding widespread applications in hospitals and care facilities. IoT is literally changing the way healthcare-providers operate. Connected technologies can improve transparency of processes so that decision makers can now obtain a clear view of redundancies. Contact us to learn how TeraCode is envisioning healthcare optimization with the power of IoT.


Many of the challenges facing a manufacturer today can be addressed with an IoT enabled business centric ecosystem. By connecting people, processes, data, and devices, a manufacturer gains improved operational insight and creates the opportunity to effectively mitigate common challenges.

The potential for IoT to improve efficiency in production process and supply chain management in manufacturing is vast. And that manufacturing units that embraced IoT applications have witnessed improvements in their productivity and performance. 

  • Improve cost control by reducing maintenance, production waste, warranty costs, and inventory holding. 
  • Improve productivity and efficiency by optimizing production line flexibility and employee productivity
  • Improve customer experiences by providing early warning for quality issues and creating additional service offerings and revenue streams 

Contact us to see how TeraCode can help optimize your business. 


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Cities are growing at an unprecedented rate, and automotive designers and manufacturers must continuously improve to keep up with growing demand. When data passes through traditional borders, various inconsistencies, errors, and redundancies arise, leading to wasted work. Logistics service providers, carriers, and shippers have their unique challenges which can be addressed with IoT.

Technology can help these organizations reimagine the current systems of work and maintain high standards of reliability and service management. TeraCode can help you harness the power of the IoT and optimize your business with predictive maintenance analytics, real-time visibility, streamlined operation, remote monitoring, and energy optimization. Contact us for more information. 

Energy + utilities

IoT is transforming the energy and utility marketplace.  Home appliances, lighting solutions, window shades, door controls and thermostats are changing the way we managed our home environments.  New tools to monitor energy usage and collect data on patterns allow companies and individuals unprecedented control over their energy consumption and expenses. 

TeraCode has worked with multiple clients to develop and deliver solutions that tracking energy consumption and even automatically regulate devices to save energy based on operational patterns.  Contact us for more information.